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As your business scales up, you begin to develop a sense of what works to drive your business leads and revenue. You understand the business script and the ins and outs of your business model. However, the world of business is always changing and even a solid business can tumble down under stiff competition. That’s why you need to consistently up the game and create an edge over your competitors.

With well-managed advertising campaigns, you can increase leads, optimize conversions and upscale revenue. Here are some must-have services that you should outsource to stay on top of your competitors.

Google Ads Management

Google Shopping Management

Facebook & Instagram

Remarketing Campaigns

PPC Tuneup Service

PPC Account Audit

Google Ads Management

To run successful advertising campaigns, you need a robust and skilful advertising team. You may have an option to establish an in-house advertising team, but this choice has its own set of challenges, such as huge budget, management issues, off-shot targets etc. Outsourcing for Google Ads management for your business is a worthy decision. It brings a sense of balance and freedom, so you can focus more on your business growth.

There are always trade-offs when choosing a service provider for digital advertising services. You may opt for the more cost-effective freelancers but end up with undesirable returns. On the other hand, an agency that offers Google Ads management could be more expensive than freelancers, but with a good reason. A Professional Google Ads agency has a team of advertising experts who use high quality tools, keyword research and best practices to develop consumer-centric Google Ads. 

When outsourcing for Google Ads management, you need to consider the expertise and experience of the service provider. Google Ads professionals understand Google trends, and they have expertise and skills to manage complex PPC campaigns. They have significant experience on keyword research and design of landing pages to optimize sales conversion. Your choice of agency should be able to handle the heavy-lifting for your business advertising needs. Hiring professional digital advertising services can make a huge difference in the overall performance of your advertising campaigns. Moreover, expertly deployed advertising campaigns can enhance your business revenue and Return on Investment (ROI).

Google Shopping

If you have an e-commerce site, naturally you would expect online shoppers to browse a variety of products on your site, and probably make a purchase. But, how do the shoppers land on your e-commerce site in the first place? You guessed it right — through Google searches. Google Shopping is an Ad platform that directs online shoppers to browse and compare a variety of products on e-commerce sites based on their Google search query.

Google uses a combination of factors such as advertiser bids, search relevance, shoppers’ activities, etc. to rank products on Google Shopping. To optimize your Google Shopping campaigns and Return on Investment (RoI), you need to favorably rank your products on Google Shopping. If your products are ranked higher, there is a better chance that shoppers will click on the product link back to your site, and probably make a purchase. By outsourcing for Google Shopping campaign services, you can optimize your products’ conversion rate, boost sales, and increase your profit margins.

Facebook and Instagram

Nowadays, it is almost impossible for an online business to thrive without the power of social media. Facebook and Instagram have over 3.3B combined active users, an enormous marketing influence. Facebook generates over 1.6 billion “likes” daily and has a large number of brand influencers and followers. But, how do you create the right social media content to grow your audience and make an influential brand?

Most shoppers on Facebook and Instagram make purchases based on research, recommendations or brand influence through Ads. To increase your product’s conversion rate, you need to optimize the performance the Ads campaigns on social media. You can outsource for social media advertising experts to design influential Ads that are optimized to increase your product influence and visibility on social media.

 Remarketing Campaigns

Stats show that only 1-4% of the site’s visitors result to some form of transactions such as submitting a query form, browsing through products or making a purchase. While such stats can be scary, there are a number of effective strategies that can be used, not only to funnel visitors back to your site, but also to persuade them to take actions.

Remarketing campaigns are focused on analysing site’s visitors to determine a segment of audience that is likely to re-visit the site. By designing targeted Ads for such a custom audience, you can use remarketing campaigns to persuade potential customers to come back to your site and complete a desired action, such as making a purchase.

 PPC Tuneup Service

If you need to consistently improve your business sales conversion rate, you need to regularly optimize the existing Ad campaigns. PPC Tuneup Service ensures Google Ads are performing optimally by diagnosing Ads flaw, optimizing sales conversion, re-creating account structure, reviewing keyword relevance, testing conversion tracking etc.

With PPC Tuneup, you can develop and implement profitable bidding strategies to boast campaigns performance in your business. Moreover, if you are outsourcing for Google Ads Management, you can request the agency for PPC Tuneup Service as part of the package to unleash the full potential of your Google Ads.

PPC Account Audit

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns cost money and require time and effort to implement. But how do you ensure that your Ads are effective and yielding the expected results for your business? PPC Account Audit (also called Google Ads audit) is conducted to measure the performance of paid Ads such as Google Ads. Through PPC Account Audit, you can establish the short-term and long-term effectiveness of Ads and identify advertising gaps.

PPC Account Audit should be a key component in business advertising campaigns. The audit should be a routine action either on single or group Ads to identifying areas of improvement, spend waste, new opportunities, campaigns validation etc. Whether you just want an insight of your Google Ads account or to fine-tune Ads performance, PPC Account Audit provides a critical role in paid Ads management.

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