Google Ads Account Audit

Google Ads are essential for business marketing, but they can also be a pain in the marketing budget if they are underperforming. Google Ads cost money and while the business expectation is to generate more revenue and profit, the opposite can happen. Google Ads account audit can be the determinant between increasing revenue for your business and incurring a waste of marketing budget.

What is Google Ads Account Audit?

If you need to improve your business revenue, you need to regularly check the performance and effectiveness of your business Ads campaigns. Google Ads account audit is conducted to measure the performance of Google Ads against the expected results. Google Ads audit is a key component of digital marketing campaigns for identifying Ad flaws, areas of improvement, spend waste, new opportunities, etc.

Why is Google Ads Account Audit Important?

Staying current with Google changes is hectic, but unless you audit Google Ads account, you can’t know for sure the effectiveness of your Google Ads. Whether you are inheriting a Google Ads account from a client or reviewing an existing Ads account as part of day-to-day management, auditing Google Ads account is critical. A simple 30 minutes Google Ads audit can reveal the flaws and weak points to be fixed for effective Ads performance.
At Progressive PPC, we have helped clients who owned up to not bothering checking the performance of their business Google Ads accounts. While a thorough Google Ads audit is crucial for continual performance, some Ads accounts need just simple tune-ups to generate revenue. Google Ads audit should be a routine marketing strategy ̶ even small flaws and oversights in Google Ads can aggregate to significant impacts on your business marketing campaigns.

Tips on How to Conduct Google Ads Audit

Conducting Google Ads account audit is a step-by-step process. There is no rule-specific procedure to follow but it is important to audit every Ads element. The Ads audit is aimed at providing invaluable insights and potential opportunities for improving the Google Ads performance. Here are some tips to help you conduct a productive Google Ads audit.

1. Establish Your Audit Goals

Before diving and digging into your Google Ads account, you need to establish the audit objectives and goals to focus on. Establishing the audit objectives helps to set the tone of evaluation and to avoid an endless audit process. Do you want to audit the conversion goals in some Ad groups or the entire campaign? What campaign performance do you want to evaluate? Leads, traffic, or sales performance? Understanding the performance outcomes and the focus objectives are essential in Google Ads audit.

2. Reviewing Account Structure

Basically, Google Ads account should assume a sensible structure. Campaigns and Ad Groups can be organized in various ways; product or service lines, target audience, subject matter ̶ any unique naming that gives a sensible control of Ads management. Reviewing account structure can positively impact the effort and time required for campaign management and the processing of meaningful reports.

3. Google Ad Groups and Keywords

If you want your Google Ad groups to yield the best results, have them complement each other rather than compete with each other. Avoid focusing too much on keywords and groupings and instead, think of the searchers’ intent and their destination on the landing page. The ultimate performance goal of an Ad campaign is getting visitors to convert. But, if the landing page is poorly designed and organized, even the best-organized Ad groups and keywords can perform miserably. Having unique landing pages with specific Google Ads grouping is critical and can greatly improve the quality scores.

4. Conversion Tracking

Tracking conversion is another critical element of Google Ads account. If you are not performing conversion tracking on Google Ads, you can’t tell authoritatively which Ad groups are generating conversions and which ones are underperforming. You could be spending all the marketing budget on under-performing Ad groups while neglecting the potential ones. Tracking Ads conversion provides you with real-time insights of what is working and what is not.

5. Conduct the Right Google Ads Account Audit

The outcome of Google Ads account audit can be completely wrong if the process was conducted on the wrong metrics. Take for example a conversion tracking that shows over 100% conversion rates due to wrongly placed conversion tracking codes. Such results can lead to wrong business decisions.
If your business lacks man-power or expertise to conduct meaningful Google Ads account audits, outsourcing for Google Ads management is recommended. At Progressive PPC, we help both small and established businesses to conduct sensible Google Ads account Audits. We design and deliver result-driven solutions for Ads management to help businesses achieve all-round growth.

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